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In a Day, If You want to earn money from Google AdSense you need to traffic Your website. in this blog post, I will share Your top 02 Methods To Get Millions Of Visitors to your Website in One Month.

Friends, if you want to earn from Google AdSense or you want to get your website approved from Google AdSense, then the most crucial reason to make your website and prove Google AdSense is the traffic If there is no traffic on the website, you will not be able to earn from Google Adsense or approve the website from Google Adsense.

Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website in One Month

There are some organic methods with Ajup and some of my secret ways through which I get traffic myself, I am going to share them with Ajup. You can get your website approved by Google AdSense by reading this article carefully.

I have put a video on YouTube on how to get traffic to your website, you can go and watch it because I have guided you with proper up in the video, I will explain properly how you can get traffic. Even though this article, if you read it, you will get complete information about how you got the traffic.

Top 02 Ways to Get Millions of Visitors to your website.

  1. Organic Ways
  2. My My Secret Ways

1. How you can get traffic organically On Your Website?

The competition in blogging has become so high that if a new blogger launches his website on Google, he will not get any traffic because already, whatever niche you work in, whatever category you work in, you will get traffic. You won’t find it because there are many websites in this category on Google below, so how to get traffic organically, I will share with you some things that I have learned in my five years. Now I am Step-by-step explaining how to Traffic Your website in Organic Ways.

get millions of traffic
02 Methods To Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website 8

Step 1. Choose Right Niche/Category

Look when you’re building your website and building a website within a sub-topic that Google has a lot of websites and those websites have a very high DPA if there’s a niche check. If you select a category, you will not be able to rank your website in it because there are many websites in this category within that niche, if a user searches for any keyword related to that niche. Google will not show the new website, it will show the old website because their DAP is very high, their domain age is very high, so whenever you are creating your website, you need to do something like this.

Select a category or a topic or a niche or one in which the competition is very low, in which Kakkal does not have many websites, if you select such a niche, you will be able to upgrade your website quickly. You can get traffic and earn from it and you will also get Google AdSense Approval Fast, so this mistake is often made by new bloggers, so you should not make this mistake, you should choose your category well, in which competition If you love home, you will be able to earn from it and you will also get Google AdSense approval.

Step 2: Buy Domain Relevant to Your Competitor.

After you have selected a category or your niche, when you have to buy a domain, you have to buy a relevant one from your competitor, because any visitor going to your competitor’s website will go to your website. It will come because when you buy Roamin, your competitor’s sim-to-sim man is buying one or two-word change domains, so when the user goes to his website, he can also come to your computer.

Buy Domain Relevant to Your Competitor
02 Methods To Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website 9

They will start ranking your website for keywords. Your domain will be very similar to its domain, so Google will think that it is relevant to the domain it is. This is a secret trick that I have shared with you that you must adopt

Let me tell you something here. Suppose you are a user and you are searching on Google for how to make money online and a website appears in front of you and you go to it and you are also a website. If you are making a similar site, tell me which domain it will be. If they are relevant, then ranking your domain on some page below will start the search, it will take a little time, but it will be necessary.

Therefore, whenever you have to buy a domain, you have to buy a domain in the rally of your competitor.

step 3: Make Design Relevant To Your Competitor.

You’ve used a good niche that has a lot of competition, then you’ve found a domain that’s related to your competitor, and then the third step is when you design your website. Let me design your own website, start developing it, and create your own website based on what you think is the best website. When you design your website, start your website. If you do, consider yourself as a user and not as a center of administration. When you consider yourself as a user, consider your website as a user’s best.

How does a website look good? How does such a design look good? The development looks good, if you design a website like this, then your website will grow, you will get Google AdSense Approval and your website will become a profession. Sam will start watching

Make Design Relevant To Your Competitor
02 Methods To Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website 10

So, this was a secret method that I shared with you to make your website relevant to a computer. See me, who is going to the website of the competitor of the user, he will still be on the website of the user. Sometimes, because your website will definitely rank one day if that user goes to your website, then the design that you will have on the ready website will be the same design as your website.

If the information is good, he will come to your website again and again. One, he will like your website, and if you give him good information, he will always recommend you to others. Take the information that is on this website from this website, because this is also the method that will happen, no one will tell you, no YouTuber, many bloggers, no one will tell you this method that I have shared with you. Whenever you build a website, make your website a relative competitor.

Step 4: Write Articel Low KB Keywords.

If you have completed the previous steps as I have told you, then you are writing your article, then what you have to do is include your competitor’s website in Simrush. You have to go and after that, you have to pick up as many competition keywords as possible. The article should be written very well.

Write Articel Low KB Keywords
02 Methods To Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website 11

At least the length of your article should be between 1000 Watts and 1500 It should be or check the keyword of the keyword on which you are writing an article on your competitive website and check how many articles he is writing, then try to write an article of more words than that. You will be able to rank your website, and you will be able to beat your website competition.

Targeting the word, writing the article well, creating the image in it, creating it yourself, if you do all these things, your website will grow in days. You will be able to earn organically.

đź‘‹Final Words About Organic Ways

If all the steps I mentioned in the previous step-up are implemented well on your website and followed well, then you will be able to earn Google, you will also be able to promote your website and your website will always be You will be able to earn if you follow the treatment that is known behind, then these were some of the methods that I hope you will follow all the methods that I have told you. Implement them well on your website.

2. My Secret Ways To Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website!

Now I will share with you some of my secret ways, through the chain, I have created a website like this, and then I will start to traffic up a website if you follow them if you make this your website. If you want, I will start traffic from this. These are instant methods through which you can get traffic. I will share with step by step. How to get traffic through these methods.

Step 1: Write an Article On Blog Submission Websites.

When you launch your website on Google, index your website, and then when you write articles on it, you will create a category. After designing, what should you do with your website, as it is in the niche and what you have created? I have written the article, now suppose that you take an article.

Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website in One Month
Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website in One Month

When you write the keyword of the keyword, copy it, and create another article of your own, not the one that you posted from the article. Take that article, you have to write a new article, you have to put that article on a forum website like Medium, quora, Pinterest, then you do that, and immediately there are many millions of billions of traffic inside the website. If you will share your link within it, then it will become a backlink for you and through this link, your traffic will also start.

Get Millions Of Visitors to Your Website in One Month Video Guide:

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