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The best WordPress themes for AdSense Approval Hello fellow bloggers and income-generating entrepreneurs! If you’re dipping your toes into the blogging world and are looking to increase the revenue of your blog with Google AdSense goodness, you’ve found the right website. Let’s look at the secret ingredient that will get the AdSense money flowing and that’s choosing the perfect WordPress themes. Yes, the design of your site’s theme matters more than you believe!

Best WordPress Themes For Fast AdSense Approval
Best WordPress Themes For Fast AdSense Approval

Best WordPress Themes For Fast AdSense Approval 2023, In the meantime, before we dig into the details I’ll sprinkle some amusement – have you have you ever seen a penguin dressed in a suit? This is why your website with having the correct theme will look sort of humorous, but certainly not an eye-catcher!

Top 5 Best WordPress Themes For Fast AdSense Approval 2023

Here are the Best WordPress Themes For Fast AdSense Approval 2023 for fast AdSense approval in One Month.

  1. GeneratePress
  2. Astra WordPress Theme
  3. Schema
  4. Newspaper
  5. JNews

1. GeneratePress Best WordPress Lite Theme.

GeneratePress Best WordPress Themes is a very lightweight theme, no matter how many searches you do on YouTube, the Best Word Press team will recommend you to use GeneratePress is best because I have been using it for the last five years. Yes it’s very useful for me and I’ve got maximum from it using Google and the same team so use it up it’s premium and also free if used.

File NameGeneratePress Premium
File Versionv2.3.2
File TypePremium/Free
GeneratePress Best WordPress Lite Theme
GeneratePress Best WordPress Lite Theme

It is very beneficial for you if you use premium then still more because if you use free it is still lightweight if premium use becomes lightweight then its maximum size is 325 Its size is between KB and Up 325 and also has an image and Image Up can see how lightweight it is. In KB then use this team it is very beneficial for you and also gets on top of this ad very fast and its UI is liked by many people so I recommend this team Go ahead and use it.

GeneratePress Premium Free Download Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Lightweight and clean codes
  • Recommended for Client projects
  • Fast loading speed
  • Focused on performance
  • Highly secure and stable
  • No render-blocking issues
  • Optimized for search engine bots
  • Schema markup
  • 25+ ready-to-use site library
  • 60+ color options
  • Beautiful typography options
  • WooCommerce support
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Padding and margin settings option
  • Infinite scroll
  • Featured image support with custom settings
  • Secondary navigation menu support
  • It owns a small page builder

2. Astra WordPress Theme Paid/Free Download

The second talk is if you want to get Google adding appro second the theme you use to get appro from Google and the website will be well customized and well designed its name is wpastra Best WordPress Themes this one There is a theme that is free and also paid.

Astra theme is often recommended by YouTubers and bloggers because WPS Tra and Generate are so lightweight that your website speeds up. Atomize keeps your website speed up as well and its UI is highly optimized and schema optimized so everyone will recommend this team.

File NameAstra Pro Free Download
File TypeAstra Pro /Free
File VersionAstra Pro v4.3.2
Astra WordPress Theme
Astra WordPress Theme

Astra Pro free download key features

  • Multi-purpose theme
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Clean codes
  • 5 Lakh+ sales
  • 6 Premium plugins included in the theme package
  • Ready to use 48+ pre-designed professional sites and 300+ web page designs
  • So many customization options
  • Demo installer to import demo content
  • Fusion Builder to build custom pages
  • Very flexible and powerful theme
  • Child theme support
  • SEO friendly design
  • 50+ panels to customize theme options
  • Support page options for better control
  • Partial demo import option

More Awesomeness Features Of Astra Pro

  • Mega Menu Astra – With Astra, you can build multimedia mega-menus that are easy to use and appealing.
  • Additional Header Designs You can select among a variety of headers such as a sticky header, a transparent header, etc.
  • Spacing Control Control spacing in layouts and modules to build a stunning and clear web page.
  • WooCommerce Designer Astra Astra is a great WordPress theme to create an easy and fast WooCommerce store.
  • Footer Widgets You can select among various layouts for your footer and then add widgets to make it more appealing.
  • Hooks and Filters Hooks and filters let you personalize every aspect of a website to personalize it.
  • Page Headers – Add and personalize the below, above, and primary headers to your pages on your website.
  • Customer Support With a team of dedicated developers, you are guaranteed prompt support and updates.

Astra Pro Free Download For Everyone

Every blogger is a fan of Astra’s professional theme. We decided to make available the original GPL files of Astra Pro’s free download to all. We have shared only unmodified GPL files here. We provide the direct link to Astra Pro download.

3. Schema WordPress Theme Free/Paid

Schema Premium, a Free download is an advanced framework that comes with features to add Structured Data markups in JSON-LD format. This is the format most popular format recommended by search engines such as Google.

Schema WordPress Theme Free/Paid
Schema WordPress Theme

Schema Premium, a Free download is an advanced framework that comes with features to add Structured Data markups in JSON-LD format. This is the format most popular format recommended by search engines such as Google.

Schema Premium Key Features

  • Simple to use, just simply set it and forget about it with only a few settings.
  • Quick settings Configuration Wizard.
  • Make Schema types simultaneously per the desired area.
  • Complete Structured Data on archives as well as custom post types.
  • Valid markup, try it with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Output markup format in JSON-LD format. It is the most popular format recommended by Google.
  • It is compatible with other plugins through the reuse of information stored in post meta.
  • Flexible, friendly for developers, and flexible.
  • Made for WordPress!

Schema Premium Core Features

  • Easy Setup Schema The plugin is easy to install due to its Easy Configuration Wizard.
  • works everywhere HTML0 works everywhere You have complete control over your site’s markup. Schema plugin lets you allow markup wherever you like.
  • integrates well Schema The plugin integrates and is compatible with the major SEO and E-Commerce plugins. It also is compatible in conjunction with every Theme.
  • JSON-LD Output Schema Plugin output markup using JSON-LD format which is the format most advised format by Google.
  • Valid Markup Schema plugin allows an acceptable markup. You can verify and test the markup using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and test it yourself.
  • The reuse Data Schema plugin allows you to reuse data that has been saved in custom post meta fields. you can assign values of fields in properties.
  • Excellent Support We are confident in our product and strive to collaborate closely with our customers and work to find solutions for difficult problems.
  • Developer-friendly Developer-friendly Extensible. This means that you can enhance its capabilities through other extensions, plugins, or an individual code that is placed in the Theme’s functions.php file.
  • Created for WordPress Schema is a WordPress-specific plugin. Schema appears and feels just like WordPress and is seamlessly integrated. It is hosted on your site (not another’s) It’s as if it’s your own home.

4. Newspaper WordPress Theme Free/Paid Download

Newspaper Theme for Free Download; Today we have released The Newspaper WordPress Theme for free download to all. The file shared isn’t a Newspaper Theme that has been nulled or cracked. It’s a 100% authentic newspaper theme GPL file that you can download the GPL file on a variety of websites.

File NameNewspaper Theme Free Download
File Versionv12.6
File TypeFree/paid

We do not provide any newspaper premium keys and/or code on this site. We are sharing only the unmodified and 100% original GPL newspaper theme file including a complete installation instructions video.

Newspaper Theme Free Download
Newspaper Theme Free Download

More Info About Newspaper Theme for Free Download

Newspaper is a premium WordPress theme that allows you to write articles. Blog posts and news articles easily. You can build a stunning news website using newspaper template demos. Newspaper WordPress theme is ideal for blogging and is ideal for magazines, news publications, newspapers, or review websites.

Why is a Newspaper Theme different?

Newspaper Theme Download Free can support videos taken from YouTube It also allows you to upload YouTube videos in one click. Newspaper WordPress theme is an AMP-compatible and mobile-ready theme, which is GDPR compliant.

The Theme is simple, fast, and user-friendly for fashion, cryptocurrency food, lifestyle modern, personal luxury, travel simple, viral websites, minimal projects, web development, and a variety of other website models.

Integrated with Instagram, BuddyPress, bbPress Forum, and WooCommerce It uses extremely clean SEO best practices. Newspaper Theme free download is responsive to Google Ads and AdSense. There is no need to install additional plugins to ensure AdSense the right place.

5. JNews WordPress Theme Free/paid Download

JNews Theme Free Download is a theme created to offer the user with an “all-in-one” solution to every publishing requirement. With JNews you have the ability to explore the endless possibilities of creating the most efficient fully functional site. We have over 50 demos that will work to use on your News site or Magazine site, Blog site, Editorial website, and other publishing websites.

JNews WordPress Theme
JNews WordPress Theme

 We also provide the ability to import your own content automatically which lets you duplicate one of the demos you like in just a single click.

File NameJNews Theme Free Download
File TypeFree/paid
File Versionv11.1.2

JNews Theme Free Download Today, we’ve uploaded JNews Theme, which is free to download for everyone. This file isn’t a JNews Theme that has been nulled or damaged; it’s a 100% authentic GPL file. You can download this JNews Theme GPL file for unlimited sites.

Making your site more customizable with the JNews theme The free download is simple and enjoyable. You will be able to see in real time what you changed and build a landing page quickly and easily by using the drag-and-drop header Builder, WPBakery Visual Composer Elementor, and Customizer. 

The entire system is fully integrated with all the elements in WPBakery VisualComposer which includes the Frontend Visual Composer Editor. Also, you can use JNews as a JNews theme in the no-cost edition or Elementor as well as Elementor Pro.

Lightweight and optimized codes that speed up loading and ensure it is Google-friendly. It has been tested with the top cache plugins. It’s feasible to obtain a good score in a variety of speed testers, such as Google Page Speed through the proper setting and the right content. 

On mobile devices, JNews fully supports Google AMP as well as Facebook Instant Article which will help your site load faster for every mobile device.

The Best feature of JNews Theme Free Download

Layouts Ready In JNews Theme

  • Responsive Design. Experimented using Google Mobile Friendly
  • Header Builder, Live Preview
  • 7 footer styles
  • 10 Single Blog Templates
  • Sidefeed Layout
  • Built-in Mega Menu
  • 5 Template Contents Split Contents

Ready SEO in JNews Theme

  • Be sure to inspect the Tag to ensure high-quality SEO performance
  • Bars can be shared with proof of social counter
  • Optimized to increase Google Page Speed as SEO Signal
  • Website schemas are created using JSON LD which is recommended by Google
  • Google AMP Support
  • Support SSL and HTTPS
  • Valid HTML checked using Validator
  • Alt Image Fallback, to make certain that your photos have an ALT tag

Performance and Code

  • Minified Javascript and Style as default (can be turned off)
  • Super Lightweight Page
  • Lazy load Image, which shrinks one-fifth of the size when the website is loaded for the first time.
  • PHP 7 is ready to speed up loading speed by 2x when compared to the previous PHP version.
  • Compatibility with the WP Super Cache
  • Database Query Optimized in order to reduce the query time by 50 percent
  • Simple and clear code that is easy to read that includes filter and action for each component

Advertising & Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing and referrals through the incorporation with the JNews Review System
  • It is easy to integrate easy integration Google Ads
  • Receptive advertising is available in Both Image & Google ads
  • An Integrated Email Subscriber, Widgets, and Visual Composer Block
  • Support for the format of level ads that include Anchor and vignette Ads.

Option & Backend

  • A very user-friendly Live preview panel (Customizer)
  • Over 700 choices with Customizer, which gives endless possibilities
  • Automatic Import installs the plugin to import content, as well as create a style that is similar to the demo, which is then an uninstalled option
  • Fully integrated integration Visual Composer (Including Frontend Editor)
  • You can add thousands of fonts downloaded from Google Font, and Typekit font you can make your own custom font
  • Easy Translation using our own simple tool for translation
  • Access to video documentation straight from the backend
  • Automatic Themes Automatic Themes

Social Features

  • A collection of social networks across the globe Sharing social proof
  • Built with similar functions
  • The number is a fictitious representation of the shares, view counters, and similar
  • Instagram Feed widget and Header or Footer
  • Login and register with Social Media
  • Facebook Instant Article
  • Social Button for Your Social Profile
  • Social Feed Widget


  • Easy Translation with frontend translation plugin
  • Multilingual Support is available with Polylang & WPML
  • RTL Support for each JNews component

Special Features

  • Infinite Scroll to read more easily
  • View Counter and Popular Post
  • Live Search
  • Built-in Mega Menu
  • Facebook & Discussion Comment
  • Review System using 3 Types of Review
  • Community Forum created by BBPress
  • Cart Shopping Cart
  • Popular Integration Plugins
  • Website Push Notification
  • Paywall System
  • Content Locker
  • Content Subscription
  • The Membership
  • Pay Per Post
  • Recurring payment

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